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Hello there!!! So here is another GIVEAWAY!
This time there is only one giveaway, but it is very BIG one!
You can have:
- one HUGE (comparing to A4) marine bag
- one MakoHaru pillow
- five magazines with Free!
- three HUGE posters
ALL new and fresh!!
All you need is to reblog this post (no follow needed, but I will be happy if you do!).
It is international!!
Closing date: 23 July.
Please, reblog it!!!
And thank you very much for taking part!

xaelyie preguntó:

Hi! I really love your playlist on your tumblr blog. Could I perhaps have the artist names of each song?^^

Of course no problem, here it is: (Each song links to the respective source)

1. LUVORATORRRRYY by Giga-P (vocaloid: GUMI & Rin Kagamine)
2. Outer Science - NICO NICO CHORUS (UN:C, Aisu, Mafumafu,                 Daikyoukin,Bis, Ashikubi, Akatin and Enaena)
3.Rokuchounen to Ichiya Monogatari - Utaite Guriri
4.Danganronpa Ending- Utaite Soraru
5.Masked bitcH- Utaite Guriri
6. Lost Memory- IA aria on the planetes
7.Donut Hole- Utaite Nyatta
8.Streaming Heart-Hatsune Miku
9. Monochrome Sayonara - Denka Sen/Denuta Sen
10.Netgame Haijin Sprechchor- Utaite Kradness
11.Pomp and Circumstance-Utaite Shoose

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